Early warning system bearing, engine, gearbox damage

A bearing damage, 2 - 6 hours of downtime although the bearing has only recently been checked? Who does not know that.

They keep excellent lists of parts of the plant, have documented every inspection precisely, but the bearing damage still occurs. Predictive maintenance means being able to detect bearing, engine and transmission damage early on using sensors.

So how do you monitor properly? You can use a temperature sensor, but if a temperature peak is detected, the damage has already occurred and the system is at a standstill.

Vibration monitoring ensures a more precise and earlier detection. This new method also monitors vibrations and noises of critical components (e.g. the bearing of a guide roller) and analyzes deviations from the standard behavior.

If the bearing becomes damaged, the natural vibration of the bearing changes slowly. This deviation is shown in the amplitude and frequency and is calculated and displayed via Fourrier.

Our detection system consisting of sensors and software works plug & play. The sensors can be fixed magnetically to the component. The network connection is local and an analysis can then be carried out directly via the software with an assessment of the extent to which the component is likely to fail in the next few days or weeks.

We carry out a test for you free of charge.

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